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The Jasper Training Barrier can be used away from the box and even outside the arena.  Just set it up anywhere and go through it.

The Jasper Training Barriers are very PORTABLE!  Move them easily from the heading box to the calf roping box or anywhere else you may want to set them up.


​This teaches young ropers to focus on the cattle – NOT the barrier pull rope. This allows young ropers to become immune to looking at pull rope – whether you have a traditional barrier system set up at home or not. This will greatly improve their ability to “read” cattle.


Most colt trainers use a stick with either a plastic bag or a flag on to help desensitize young horses. Just remove your JASPER TRAINING BARRIER flag, rub it all over your horse for a couple days, then hang it back up and ask them to walk thru it.  Excellent for trail horses, and ALL YOUNG HORSES, whether you intend to rope on them or not.

“I have started numerous horses to run through a barrier with the JASPER TRAINING BARRIER. In fact, every colt we ride here on our place goes through them from early on when we first start riding them as 3 or 4 year olds.  We have also used them at our Breakaway Roping Clinics as we get so many young ropers. It’s really hard for them to NOT look down when first behind the barrier and this is a way for them to become more comfortable with having that barrier strung across when they are roping at competitions. These are truly a great benefit in our program!!”

- Carole Hollers

  •  Many Time  SDRA & NRCA Champion Breakaway Roper
  • 24 years of Breakaway Roping Clinics